Catching Up

The WordPress app has finally decided to stop crashing every time I open it and I can, at last, post something.  I was going to post the drafts I’ve made each day but it’s now been a week since I last posted I decided not to bother.  Just one short catch-up post will do.

So, Saturday.   I ticked off another item on my things to-do list by going to the Leo Sayer concert in Huddersfield Town Hall.  Neither of us had been to Huddersfield before and we got hopelessly lost.  The sat-nav was worse than useless and the road signs in the town were rubbish so we just kept driving round and round hoping for the best.  We knew we were getting closer to the venue from the mileage indicator on the sat-nav, but then the numbers started going back up so we knew we were heading away.  We became quite expert in rapid illegal u-turns and creeping the wrong way down one way streets just to get ourselves back on the right road.  Eventually we found a bay of disabled spaces so decided to park there even though it might mean a bit of a walk, then I realised I’d left my Blue Badge at home.  We had to move on.  A few more illegal manoeuvres later brought us to an almost deserted Pay and Display carpark which we thought would do except we couldn’t find the pay point.  An enquiry made to a young woman who had just parked her car got the answer “No pay today.  Machine, he broke.”  Bonus- a free car park.  Double bonus – it was right next door to the Town Hall!  We had unintentionally found where we were looking for, it was free, and couldn’t have been closer than if we’d parked on the Hall’s doorstep.  I never look forward to an evening out because of this sort of thing but, once arrived, I usually enjoy whatever the event is.  And this was no different.  The show was excellent, the band did a fine job and Mr Sayer played all his old hits, plus some album stuff which I wasn’t familiar with.

On Sunday, to Scunthorpe hospital for my regular 4 monthly scan.  That was pretty uneventful.

Monday and Tuesday, nothing to report although our eldest son came for his tea on Tuesday.

Wednesday, our youngest son got a new car.  He came round late in the evening to show it off.  It’s very posh.

Thursday, Election Day and I went for an eye test.  My eyesight has changed so much over the last 3 months that my current glasses are no longer adequate so a new prescription has been issued and I pick my new glasses up next week.

On Friday we woke up to find that the Tories had won the election, sort of, but can only form a minority government, relying on support from the DUP.  Expert opinion is that this is not a good idea and wont last.  The good news is that UKIP were wiped out and they no longer have any MPs.  The leader Paul Nuttall has stepped down which leads to the bad news – Nigel Farage has said that he has no choice but to return to British politics.  

I haven’t seen much of Marbles all week.  The bad weather has confined him to his house and he’s been reluctant to even cross the patio to come indoors.   My husband sees him every day when he goes out to feed him and, on Friday morning, after I’d gone to work, this was his chosen perch (Marbles, that us, not my husband).


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