Book Review 1

This is one of the free books I downloaded recently. It’s also one I deleted when only a few pages in because I really couldn’t engage with either of the two main characters.

The plot, as far as I read, is two sisters. One, Katie, enjoys a carefree, married life with no intention of ever having children. The other, Joely, is unmarried, doesn’t have a partner, but desperately wants children. With no prospect of children on the horizon, Joely mercilessly nags her Katie about providing her with a niece or nephew. Joely then finds she has a serious illness which can be treated but the treatment will leave her infertile. She goes, with Katie, to the hospital to start the treatment but, literally on the doorstep of the treatment room, she refuses to go in. She won’t have the treatment unless Katie promises to have a baby. Without the treatment Joely will die, Katie makes the promise. Will she keep the promise and have a baby or will she keep her earlier promise to her husband that they won’t have a family?

And this is where I gave up. I could understand Katie’s desperation to keep her little sister alive but what sort of a monster is Joely? She actually blackmailed her sister with ‘have a baby or I’ll die’. Who, outside ‘chick-lit’ fiction, would do that? I found at this point that I really didn’t care how the story ended up so I decided not to waste any more time on it.

It’s deleted and I’ve moved on. Crime fiction next – a tale of blood and gore. A genre much more to my taste.


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