Book Review 1

This is one of the free books I downloaded recently. It’s also one I deleted when only a few pages in because I really couldn’t engage with either of the two main characters.

The plot, as far as I read, is two sisters. One, Katie, enjoys a carefree, married life with no intention of ever having children. The other, Joely, is unmarried, doesn’t have a partner, but desperately wants children. With no prospect of children on the horizon, Joely mercilessly nags her Katie about providing her with a niece or nephew. Joely then finds she has a serious illness which can be treated but the treatment will leave her infertile. She goes, with Katie, to the hospital to start the treatment but, literally on the doorstep of the treatment room, she refuses to go in. She won’t have the treatment unless Katie promises to have a baby. Without the treatment Joely will die, Katie makes the promise. Will she keep the promise and have a baby or will she keep her earlier promise to her husband that they won’t have a family?

And this is where I gave up. I could understand Katie’s desperation to keep her little sister alive but what sort of a monster is Joely? She actually blackmailed her sister with ‘have a baby or I’ll die’. Who, outside ‘chick-lit’ fiction, would do that? I found at this point that I really didn’t care how the story ended up so I decided not to waste any more time on it.

It’s deleted and I’ve moved on. Crime fiction next – a tale of blood and gore. A genre much more to my taste.



I must have about 200 unread books on my iPad Kindle app.Some weeks ago I came across the ‘Book Bub’ service. It offers, on a daily basis, downloadable books at ridiculously low prices and some books are free. So, since signing up for the service, I’ve downloaded most of the free books. Some of the books came as a box-set so a few of the ‘books’ are, in fact a set of three, four or even five books.When am I going to read these books? I have to confess that I’ve started some, decided they weren’t for me, gave up and deleted them. I’m sure more will go the same way.I’ve stopped downloading them now. I must read or cull what I’ve already got before taking up space with yet more. And I might even post a few reviews, good and bad, along the way.

First Day of Summer

I decided yesterday that the first day of the Summer is today, 1st June. 

I got up early to listen to my nephew, a keen bird watcher who writes about the therapeutic benefits of bird watching on mental health, present ‘Tweet of the Day’ on Radio 4.  It was only a two minute segment in which we heard some bird song from the Skylark and Joe talking about a walk he took during which he encountered six of the birds.  He spoke beautifully and we could really hear the passion he has for his bird watching.  A Proud Auntie Moment indeed.As I was up so early, I took a few quiet moments to just gaze out of the window and observe the early morning light and sky.  We live in a fairly rural area so it’s always very peaceful at that time of day.My plans for June have started well.  I had my own quiet early morning celebration of the start of Summer, I’ve started reading a good book, and I’ve done a couple more rounds of one of my blankets.No sign of Marbles today; he’s been about and has eaten his food but I haven’t seen him. I don’t like days when I don’t see him.

I shouldn’t complain but the heat today has been quite oppressive.  It has left me feeling very tired.  It’ll be an early night for me tonight.

Things To Do In June

I don’t make New Year’s resolutions, or mid-year resolutions. I don’t even have long term goals. I do, however, set out at the beginning of each month a short list of things to achieve that month. Here are my things to do in June. 
Celebrate the start of Summer. There is some debate at the start of every season whether the season starts on the first day of the relevant month, i.e. March, June, September and December, or at the equinox or solstice. I’m opting for 1st June as the start of Summer. I have good reason for being up early on Thursday (my nephew is delivering a short segment on Radio 4 at 05.58 on the song of the Skylark) so I will use my early rising as an opportunity to enjoy the sunrise over the rooftops and fields I can see from my bedroom window

Go to a concert. This is a bit of a cheat as we’ve had the concert tickets since the end of January and the concert just happens to be in June. We’re going to see Leo Sayer perform in Huddersfield town hall. I wouldn’t call my husband a fan of Leo Sayer but he does enjoy his music and as the tickets went on sale in time for his 60th birthday my sons decided to get them as a birthday treat. Although, thinking about it, I ordered the tickets and the boys have never paid me for them

Finish two crochet WIPs. Specifically the two near identical blankets I intend to give as Christmas presents

Have my hair cut. This might seem a surprising thing to find on the list as most people have their hair cut on a regular basis. Not me, though. When I was told in December 2015 that my cancer had come out of hiding and was spreading, I knew that the chemotherapy would cause me to lose my hair. Again. So I last had my hair cut in October/November 2015 and it has taken until now to grow back enough to now need cutting

Read a good book. I generally read psychological thrillers or crime novels. While these are a step up from the ‘chic-lit’ I was reading when my treatment left me too tired to concentrate, they couldn’t be described as classical or ‘modern classical’ literature. Currently on my bedside table (or Kindle) I have On Chesil Beach by Ian McEwan, Brooklyn by Colm Toibin and All The Light We Cannot See by Anthony Doerr. I’ve already read On Chesil Beach (which I can remember only vaguely) and Brooklyn (which I can remember even more vaguely) but I’ve never read ATLWCS. I think I’ll start with On Chesil Beach