This afternoon we decided to go for a walk.  We drove to the next village, two miles away, parked the car and started to walk back the way we came, along the river bank.

I say ‘along the river bank’ but the walk is actually quite a way from the river.  It follows the course of the river but as the river meanders, the walk follows a straight line.  We walked as far as a small housing development known locally as ‘the barracks’ which is about the half way mark but, what to do next.  At least one of us was going to have to walk back to collect the car while the other continued walking home or we could both walk back to the car.  If I went back to the car I would end up walking the equivalent distance of walking all the way home.  On the other hand, if I continued walking and my husband collected the car, he could collect me when he caught up with me, thereby shortening the distance I had to walk.  Unfortunately, this latter option would mean me walking alone and I was already starting to flag so I didn’t really trust myself to walk solo.  So we both walked back to the car.

Because of the distance from the river we didn’t see any river life which was disappointing.  However the bank was alive with Painted Lady butterflies and flowering clover.  And a man walking his dog.