The Generosity of Strangers

On Thursday evening (or was it Friday morning), we noticed a small tray of seedlings perched on our back wall.  Further investigation revealed them to be tomato plants.

As you can see from the photo, there is a bungalow over the wall sitting side-on to us with the front garden behind the tall wall.  We know that the occupant has a vegetable plot in his back garden so it’s unlikely he was planting tomatoes in the front and, even if he was, why would he have put the tray of plants in a place which was awkward for him to reach?  Could he have left them there for us?

When I got home from work on Friday I found that the answer to this last question was ‘yes’.  I have never met the man over the back wall, never spoken to him and wouldn’t recognise him if I did see him.  However, at some point on Friday my husband was in our garden and this man, we think his name is Barry, called to him to tell him that the plants were his surplus and he thought we might like them.  Wasn’t that kind?  Six free tomato plants from someone we didn’t know.

Now, I don’t want to sound ungrateful but I don’t really want them, or need them.  I sowed some tomato seeds in January which have just sprouted.

I grew tomatoes in my greenhouse last year and the fruits which fell to the ground have self-seeded.

I’ve got more tomato plants than I know what to do with.  A couple of the women I work with enjoy gardening and would like to be self-sufficient but small gardens and a lack of allotments makes it difficult.  I’ll take my own surplus into work and see if anyone is interested.

I’ve decided that Marbles is a socialist cat.  A leaflet from the Tory party was delivered today.  Marbles promptly sat on it with his bottom positioned directly over the local candidate’s face.  Wise cat – I think I’ll put him on the electoral roll.IMG_3119