The Dawn Chorus

A few mornings ago as I was lying awake at 6.00am, wondering whether to get up, I heard a bird singing. And it occurred to me that I haven’t heard the dawn chorus at all his year.

It’s too late in the year now as birds tend to sing the dawn chorus in Spring when they are defending territory but, earlier in the year, I didn’t hear it at all.

Until about six years ago we had several large shrubs in our front garden. One was so large it almost qualified as a tree. We had them all removed to make way for,the block paving of the drive. After they had gone, I realised that this was where our early morning birds had congregated and now, by their removal, we had deprived them of their perches. And not only their perches but also a valuable food source – the berries in the winter and the insects the birds fed on throughout the year.

As I look out of my window now I see that so many trees in our road have been lost. For houses with such small gardens it’s surprising how many trees we used to accommodate. But, as properties have changed hands, new owners have wanted to make their mark and, in many cases, have ripped the garden out and started again. No-one else has turned their garden into a car park as we have but neither have they planted trees or shrubs to replace what’s been lost.