I Forgot To Post

I can’t believe that I forgot to post any photos of my finished Tunisian crochet blanket.  Here it is:The yarn is Caron Cakes in Blackberry and Kiwi.  It’s the most expensive, best quality yarn I’ve ever bought and it’s worked up into the ugliest blanket I’ve ever made.   Never mind; for all that I don’t like the finished product I enjoyed making it.   I just won’t buy this yarn ever again.

I’ve also finished the Christmas wreath I made to go with the other four wreaths I made earlier in the year.  Marbles has been indoors this morning.  He hasn’t been helping me with my crochet today; he’s been far more interested in keeping himself clean.​


Works in Progress 

I don’t understand why crocheters have Works in Progress (WIPs). Yarn isn’t cheap. Even cheap yarn isn’t cheap. So why invest time and money in a project, get part way through it and then abandon it when something better comes along.But now I find myself guilty of doing the very same thing. I have four, potentially five, WIPs. All I can say in my defence is that I do, at least, have plans, even a timetable, to finish them all.

The first, potential, WIP is a series of seasonal wreaths. I say that this is a potential WIP as the entire project is for five wreaths, one for each season and one Christmas wreath. The seasonal wreaths are finished and could be displayed as they are except that I had always planned to embellish them with felt flowers or birds and the Christmas wreath is yet to be started

Next, I have two almost identical blankets. These are so close to being finished but, as I intend them to be Christmas presents, I feel that there is no rush to finish them. I imagine getting to the end of November and then panicking because I won’t have time to complete them

Finally, two Tunisian blankets. I started the purple one first knowing how big I intended to make it without realising just what a mammoth task it would be. The original plan was to make it 10 x 10 squares but my thinking now is to scale it back to 6 x 10 squares. That means I’m halfway through it, not including the border. The green one is made from Caron cakes Blueberry and Kiwi yarn. I bought the yarn because so many crocheters were enthusing about it so I decided to give it a go. I bought two cakes with no real plans, found myself making another blanket and will now have to buy another three cakes to finish it offI don’t think I’ll be seeing much of Marbles today. It is tipping down with rain here (well, it is a Bank Holiday) so he is yet again staying in his shed. He can’t even be persuaded to scamper across the garden to get into the house. Wise cat.