Tomorrow I have a day off work.

One of my sons asked me if I minded my husband being at work tomorrow instead of being at home with me. Before I could answer he pointed out that I never get any time to myself so, thinking about it, I probably don’t mind being home alone tomorrow.

It’s true, though, what my son said. I never do get time to myself. I enjoy ‘me’ time. I’m more than happy in my own company. However, at work I’m surrounded by people which is fine. You expect that at work. And, at home, I’m never by myself. Over the past four and a half years my family have tried, not always successfully, to never let me be at home by myself. Quite what they think will happen to me I don’t know but there was a time when none of them would make plans to go out unless they knew that one of the others would be home to look after me. But, every time I moved, someone would ask me where I was going or what I was doing. If I got up to get a drink or something to eat someone would say that they could have got it for me. There was one occasion when I was at home by myself when I got my car out so I could look for something in the garage. I put it away before anyone got home but my husband and eldest son both knew, somehow, that the car had been moved and wanted to know why. Why did they need to know?

I love my family and don’t want them to think I’m ungrateful for what they do for me. There are times, though, when I wish they would just give me some space.


Losing Interest

I can’t believe that the impossible has actually happened. I have lost interest in crochet!! Who would have thought it? I’ve had a couple of bits on the go:(this is just one piece; I’m so uninterested in it that I haven’t taken any photos of the other).

I have, however, been having a go at decoupage. I had a day off work yesterday and made this:It’s a papier-mâché bowl I covered which I’m rather pleased with. I also covered a small wooden box which I haven’t photographed. My husband is so relieved that I’ve temporarily (and I’m sure it is only temporary) abandoned the crochet that he’s offered to put his own wood-working skills to good use and create some more wooden boxes and blank ‘shapes’ for me to cover.

I also made some little cardboard boxes yesterday from some cut-outs which came with a magazine I bought last month:They are called ‘instant comfort pocket boxes’ and are the size of a matchbox and are quite cute. I don’t know what I can use them for, unless I keep a pet ladybird but that seems a bit cruel.

News about Marbles: he started to develop a bald patch between his shoulder blades. It turns out to have been an allergic reaction to an ‘external parasite’ so we’re treating him with some fancy ointment from the vet.

Things That Made Me Happy Today (2)

Waking up this morning and remembering I’ve got a day off work.    I havent booked any any time off work so far in case I needed to use my annual leave throughout the year to supplement my sick leave.  I haven’t had to do that so I now have lots of leave to book before the end of the year.   So, I’ve decided to take a day off each week for the next few weeks in the hope that a shorter working week will leave me less tired at the weekend and I won’t spend most of the weekend dozing in my chair.

Proper coffee in one of my favourite mugs.   My younger son bought me this mug in Holland about three years ago when he went there on a lads’ weekend with a few friends.  I usually only drink proper coffee at the weekend, using this mug on Saturday and my best mug on Sundays but, as today was a holiday, I decided to treat myself. New shoes.   My new shoes have been delivered but, after craving a pair for so many months, I’m not sure that I like them.  They certainly look nice and, when I put them on they are very comfortable.  Until I start to walk in them.  It’s been years since I wore anything with heels, and I don’t just mean high heels, so I struggle a bit when I get mobile.  The thick sole doesn’t help either.  However, they’re the most expensive pair of shoes I’ve ever bought so I’m determined to get used to them. Tidying up.  When my husband has done the washing, he leaves my clothes on the settee in the bedroom for me to put away.  It always takes me ages to get around to it.  The thing is, I wear the same skirts and t-shirts for work throughout the week and the same casual clothes at the weekend so, every day, I just take my day’s outfit off the pile and by the end of the week, the clothes have miraculously gone.  I’ve decided, though, that this must stop and that clothes must be put away.  I’ve also decided that I need to tidy my wardrobe out to make room for this good intention.  So, from thisto thisand thisto thisAll that housework wore me out so I finished my day by sitting reading, crocheting and a bit of TV.